Mourning Drapes

Whether it be a relative, pastor, employee, business owner, friend, soldier, or loved one, a mourning drape is a beautiful way to honor the fallen. Black and purple mourning drapes have been used for centuries to announce the passing of a fallen official or priest. Today, mourning drapes can be used to express condolence for anyone who has recently passed. While mourning drapes are still primarily used for churches, any business, home, school, or organization can hang a mourning drape.

Buy or Rent Mourning Drapes

Typically, WGN Flag & Decorating Co. rents mourning drapes for a period of two-weeks or one-month. Rental includes professional installation and removal when the time period has expired. Drapes are also available for purchase. In addition, we also have chair drapes and picture drapes available for purchase. These smaller drapes are perfect for an indoor memorial or to place on the deceased’s favorite place to sit. For happier celebrations, we also offer gold and white mourning drapes, the colors of celebration. Custom color combinations are also available to fit your needs.

Installing Mourning Drapes

We have been installing mourning drapes in the City of Chicago and its surrounding area for decades, and many have relied on us for the proper know-how, professionalism, and dignity that these drapes require. Through the years, we’ve draped city buildings for the loss of Mayor Washington, Chicago churches for the loss of Cardinal Bernadine, the Catholic Archdiocese for the loss of Pope John Paul II, Chicago Police Department for the loss of fallen officers, and many, many more dignitaries, officials, judges, pastors, reverends, and friends. Each drape is installed with care utilizing the most appropriate size for each particular circumstance.
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