Flag Disposal

When your flag has reached the end of its life, retire it with the dignity it deserves. There are several methods approved by the US Flag Code for disposing of used and tattered flags. Read more below to find out which method is most appropriate for your flag.


Flag Burn

Burning is the most common way to dispose of a retired flag. WGN Flag has been authorized by the City of Chicago and Chicago Fire Department to properly burn flags when they have reached the end of their life.


Flag Burial

Per the US Flag Code, flags can also be buried per the US Flag Code. This is more commonplace in areas with heavy burning restrictions or during drought conditions. This method is the safest to do at home with little to no risk to others or their property.


Flag Deconstruction

The final method of disposing of a flag is to dismantle the flag. Ritualistically removing the blue union from the stripes and then separating the flag into pieces is currently the best eco-friendly option. Burning flags can release chemicals and toxins into our atmosphere and can harm the environment. Dismantling the flag is the best option for larger, oversized flags that cannot be burned properly. Some customers choose to save the star field and send individual stars to troops overseas as a symbol of their service and sacrifice.


WGN Flag will do it for you!

Just drop off your used or tattered flags at WGN Flag, or you can ship them to us with a notation that they are for disposal/retirement. We guarantee proper disposal of all flags here at WGN Flag & Decorating Co., leveraging our more than 100 years of experience. This is a free service offered to any and all of our customers. We will be happy to retire your flag with the dignity it deserves and help you replace it with a new, high-quality, American-Made flag!

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