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A 4th generation, family-owned and operated company, W.G.N. began over a century ago with just one flag and has grown to be one of the most respected and experienced flag and banner industry experts, both in Chicago and around the globe.

When W.G.N. founder William George Newbould purchased a flag from a street vendor in 1916, he realized he wanted to turn his love of flags into a business and set his sights on not just being a vendor but creating a flag and banner company that would offer unmatched quality, service, and selection. Today W.G.N. is one of the oldest flag companies in the U.S., but that’s not the only reason we’re a leader – we value AMERICAN MADE and have made it our mission to
purchase and produce domestically whenever possible. All our products are MADE in the USA (excluding licensed products), are crafted with high-quality materials, and have 4 rows of stitching to reinforce fly ends. In addition, our custom applique flags are produced right here on site in Chicago, Illinois.

Affordable Prices

Stay on budget without sacrificing quality. We work to keep our prices fair and don’t cut corners on quality.

Superior Quality

Ensure your flag or banner lasts for years and maintains its beauty. All fly ends are reinforced with 4 rows of stitching.

Flags Sewn In-house

Skip the middle-man and get superior quality and unmatched customer service. With 100 years of experience, we’ve mastered our craft. All appliqued flags are sewn in-house right here in Chicago.

Made in the USA

Feel proud of the products you buy. We believe in American Made and purchase and produce our products domestically whenever possible.

WGN Flag & Decorating Co.

WGN Flag & Decorating Co. has been a part of virtually every major event in Chicago's history over the past 100 years, decorating for momentous events such as V-Day, Queen Elizabeth's arrival, Presidents and dignitaries from around the world, and almost all of Chicago's sports franchise's championships! We’ve earned our top spot in the industry through our high-quality products and unmatched service. Our applique work is world-class, we have more experience repairing and working with flagpoles than most companies combined, and we work with companies across our industry to help assist our customers no matter what their needs or where they're located. Your satisfaction is our priority – we’ve been known to make miracles happen and help our customers in any situation or time frame.
From our family to yours, we welcome you to WGN Flag & Decorating Co., and we look forward to being of service.


You are the reason we’re here, and why we strive every day to exceed all standards of quality and service, educate our customers on flag etiquette and history, and provide a one-stop shop for all of your flag and banner needs.

Based on 25 reviews
Roger Chandler
Roger Chandler
Excellent service as well as quality products. Late afternoon contact, for next morning purchase of Military Flags, went as smooth as silk CURBSIDE! LESS THAN 2 MINUTE TRANSACTION! WITH A SMILE, AND I NEVER GOT OUT OF THE CAR! This is what the future looks like 👍.
Evan Dunker
Evan Dunker
One of the best places I have been. Staff was very friendly and overall a great group of people.
Allen De Normandie
Allen De Normandie
Great local long term business! Friendly staff and good service!
Jim Oliver
Jim Oliver
It's off the beaten path, but they have a LOT of flags. And they do mail-order if you don't feel like driving there.
Raising Freedom
Raising Freedom
The one and only place to buy flags in Chicago. Family run business for over 100 years. Great people.
gerardo Jimenez
gerardo Jimenez
They have exactly what you need and if they don't they can get it for you just a tad pricey but the quality stands out

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